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Full-Featured Platform

Manage your accounting, outgoing and incoming payments, property data, work orders, relationships with tenants, investors and contractors, and so much more in one place from anywhere for free.


Real Accounting & Reporting

With our dual-entry cash and accrual accounting and reporting system, you can be as simple or complex as you'd like. Want your accounting to be simple and invisible? No problem. Want to run Aged Receivables, write off bad debt and perform weekly reconciliations? No problem. It's all free.


Cash Management

Let us handle the banks for you. Never want to write another check again? Use our free "bill pay" feature to send money by check or ACH.
Never want to deposit a money order again? Use our image-based deposit feature or collect all of your tenant payments electronically through the mobile app. The more you use, the better protected you are.

Do you think you're already protected from fraud and embezzlement?

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Features Galore

These are sampling of the features that coManage has to offer. Our customers are using them every day and you can be too!

Contact Management

Manage the contact information of those you do business with in one place. Send and receive work orders, invoices, statements and legal notices and track delivery status.

Data Management

Keep track of important data about all of your properties in one place. What size filter does that A/C need? Who has the warranty on that roof? When was the last work order? What leases expire in 90 days?

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Regulatory-Compliant Reconciliations

A simple, straightforward reconciliation system which produces reports compliant with most if not all state regulatory regimes - or if you’re not regulated, will make your CPA happy.

Property Marketing

Have a current or upcoming vacancy? Market your properties through our apps.

File Storage

Store, manage, and share generated and uploaded files. Easy one button exports of one or all of your files. Going through an Ernst & Young audit and need to export all your executed leases? Two-clicks.

Snail Mailing

We can mail checks and documents for you. And track cashing and delivery. No more stuffing envelopes or dealing with a certified mailing book and postage.

Fast and Free ACH Payments

The more you use our system, the faster we can send and receive your payments. We have large customers wherein we ACH funds in 12 hours. Normal ACHs should never exceed two days - depending on your bank.

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Mobile App

Collect tenant payments and automatically generate receipts against open charges. Share files and ledgers with contacts. We’re constantly adding new features to the mobile app.

Document Generation
Document Generation

Create reusable templates that leverage the data stored on contacts, properties, units, etc. to generate contracts, leases, notices, letters, etc.

& More

Frequently asked questions

How is coManage free?

We generate enough revenue from add-on services to cover our costs. For you, your tenants, your investors (if you're a third-party investor or manager), and us, it's a win-win-win-win.

Is coManage "free" and you're simply passing the costs on to the tenants?

No. ACH is free to your tenants too. Card fees will be passed along at cost. We don't currently but may charge a nominal fee for returned payments for repeat offenders.

Can I use coManage today?

Yes. This is not a "testing the waters" webpage, coManage is built and used every day by professional property managers. Join the waitlist and tell us more about yourself to get priority access.

What do you mean by you're protecting me?

Fraud, misappropriation, embezzlement and error are common in property management - and invisible to the victims until it's too late. Your software, your bank, regulators, insurers, etc. will rarely protect you from an honest mistake or a dishonest employee. coManage can. Take our quiz to see how much you know.

What is the β at the end of the coManage logo?

β is the symbol for beta. In software parlance, beta means you may encounter the occasional bug as we roll out new features. Gmail was in beta for five years after launching despite having millions of users. We want early adopters who understand where we're at, our mission and want to be a part of changing the property management software paradigm.

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